Courses at the Academy are designed to ensure that students are well motivated and positioned to benefit from the study in many ways as described below:
Explore this as a pathway towards or as an alternative to full-time training.

Our instructors at the Academy are experienced, hardworking filmmakers and professionals who help the students achieve a happy and innovative career.

Next Resumption date: 16th September 2019

Students join our school from all over the world

Acting Course

Royal art academy Acting courses are designed for beginners and professionals who want to master their skills in front of a camera. Our instructors are Nollywood veterans professional with extensive experience on stage, in camera, directing, writing, and producing. Our hands-on approach with our instructors has made Royal art academy a household name in Africa.


The director of a film’s position is big deal and an enviable one. The director coordinates the entire crew from camera operators, producers, actor and everyone that make up the full crew on a project. The director works with everyone passionately in other to get his vision for the film accomplished.


Great and interesting films, soaps, television programs, webcast or talk shows starts with a good script. Good Script gives the narrative structure and emotions that make the production sparkle and rich. Here at Royal art academy,  we pride ourselves in delivering to the hands of our students the tools to prepare them to be a sort of writer in the industry.


In the filmmaking industry, Editors are relied on to translate the storytelling to a finely finished film with their editing skills. most Directors work with an experienced editor who sees their interpretation of a script and helps bring it to life for the viewers.  Editors are not limited to films alone, their opportunities ranges from Media, television, news, documentaries, soaps and more.


Cinematography refers to the art and technology of motion-picture. A cinematographer handles the responsibility and techniques involved in scene composition; lighting of location or set; lenses, choices of cameras; camera angles as well as movement; effects and filters. The cinematographer is assisted by a sizable crew as he/she cannot achieve these functions alone

Become a better filmmaker

Students join our school from all over the world


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