Our Story

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“I like to encourage the young ones, I have always wanted to leave something sustainable and catering for the youths in the industry, so I got into capacity building. It’s something I like to do and maybe it’s something I love to do.”

Emem Isong-Misodi, C.E.O

Our History

The Royal Arts Academy (RAA), was established in June 2010 to educate and equip students for the growing entertainment industry and life opportunities in Nigeria and Africa at large. The Academy seeks to provide continuing education through the Arts and training in Acting, directing, dance and children’s theatre. In the emerging and vibrant Nigerian entertainment industry, it has become necessary to improve and develop skills in order to meet the international standards of filmmaking.

Royal Arts will contribute to the transformation, development and growth of Nigeria and the African continent as a whole by offering first class training to students who would go on to produce excellent films that would place Nollywood at par with the international community. This tanning will be provided by industry professionals within and outside the country.

At Royal Arts Academy, we are committed to enabling all our students to profit from a culture of learning, aligned with our teaching ethos, We aim to support students so they can achieve their full academic potential, while also equipping them for the demands of continuous learning and self-reliance. We want to learn at Royal Art Academy to be challenging, rewarding and fun.

Since its establishment, RAA has trained well over 200 students. Many of them are actively engaged in the entertainment industry, while others have moved on to do other businesses. Our faculty comprises sound and competent academics in the courses we offer. The Academy is located at No 4 Adebisi Close, Off Ogunlana Drive, Suru-Lere, Lagos, Nigeria. We can be contacted through the following email address: info@royalartacademy.com.ng

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide a conducive environment for training people in the art of filmmaking, as well as provide a platform for interaction between like minds in order to discover and develop new and emerging talents, and promote the art of filmmaking


Royal Arts Academy (RAA) provides hands-on education which is inspired by mutual respect. Individuals are encouraged to reach full potential in the growing entertainment industry in Nigeria and beyond

Mission Statement

Royal Arts Academy exists to provide a forum where studies in Film and Television Production that meet the international standard are taught to passionate students

Goals & Objectives

Our main objective is to identify and learn the functions of equipment used in film and television production. Due to the hands-on experience, to produce a film or Television series in Ninety days and our goal is to produce competent and experienced men and women to meet the requirements in the areas of Film and Television production.

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