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Screen Writing

SCRIPT-WRITING (Film, Radio, Stage, and Screen)

Great and interesting films, soaps, television programs, webcast or talk shows starts with a good script. Good Script gives the narrative structure and emotions that make the production sparkle and rich. Here at Royal art academy,  we pride ourselves in delivering to the hands of our students the tools to prepare them to be a sort of writer in the industry.

On completion of this course, the students would be able to do the following:

  • Write a good Story.
  • Write a Professional Script for Movies, Soap Operas, Comedies, and Documentaries.
  • Develop an Idea and Script it using basic Script Writing techniques.
  • Adapt other works (Novels, Plays) for Movies, Documentaries, Plays.
  • Write with Talent and Skill to earn a living.
  • Develop and Package Scripts for Script Competitions, Film Festivals and Film Markets.
  • Market Scripts to Producers and Production Companies And much more.


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