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The director of a film’s position is big deal and an enviable one. The director coordinates the entire crew from camera operators, producers, actor and everyone that make up the full crew on a project. The director works with everyone passionately in other to get his vision for the film accomplished.

At the Royal Arts Academy, our director’s courses are handled by professionals who have vast experience to teach the students hands-on and familiarize them with all aspects of production. At the end of each class, students are made to direct a short film they have written with other students of the academy working in various crew members. Our students are thought to create an idea from scripting to production an editing their on latest professional digital equipment. Students also have the opportunity to learn with the latest state of the art camera – Black magic,  Epic dragon, and Red Scarlet. They shoot in choice locations and studio.

12 Weeks Classes


Who is a Director? What does a Director do? Limits and jurisdiction of a Director.

– Casting

– Location, selection, and recce

– Selection of equipment

– Working with cast and crew


Who is a Director? Why do you want to be a director? Difference between a stage director and a TV (screen director)

Qualities of a director : (Versatility, Analytical, Human management, Deep, Wide, Wild, Weird)

Script Analysis, Interpretation, and Picturisation

Character analysis and development

Who is your DOP? Camera use

Camera angles (eye level, low angle, high angle, bird’s eye view), camera movements, shots (LS, MS, CU, ECU, OS, 2 shot)

Know The Crew – cameramen, sound recordist, make-up, costume, continuity, set designer, props, production manager

Directing delicate scenes: medical, death, childbirth, accident, lovemaking, fighting, etc.

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