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Code of Conduct


The professional code of conduct is applied to all practice led classes on the programme and consists of the following elements;
1. Punctuality: Preparation for class work and rehearsals including leaving the role. Cooperation in team-work as an essential part of the learning and rehearsal process.
2. Students must attend all scheduled classes and prescribed activities.
3. Non-Attendance makes the attainment of the following types of assessment impossible:
a. Ability to work as part of a team;
b. Poor contribution to group work; and
c. Positive contribution to class discussion
4. Preparation for class work requires students to demonstrate in the classroom that they:
a. Have read materials;
b. Positive contribution to class discussion
5. Cooperation and team work requires students to demonstrate effective collaboration by:
a. Sharing creative processes in class with fellow students
b. Sharing preparation of scenes via rehearsal.
6. Drugs and alcohol are not allowed on the premises. It attracts immediate expulsion.
7. Students must be quiet on school premises or surrounding areas.
8. Guns, knives, weapons or explosives of any type are not permitted in class or on the premises.
9. Slander, threatening remarks, sexual harassment and the threat of violence and any physical violence to student or teacher will attract immediate expulsion.


1. Students are expected to be courteous and respectful at all times
2. So not litter the classroom
3. Eating should be done in the canteen and not the classroom
4. No gum chewing
5. Do not send any of the staff to run errands
6. Changing of clothes should be in the bathroom
7. Students are only allowed upstairs on invitation
8. All phones should be switched off or silenced during lectures
9. Students should not touch or operate any equipment without prior authorization
10. Keep noise level to a minimum especially while classes/rehearsals are in progress
11. Students are not allowed in the studio
12. Always shut the door behind you
13. No use of offensive or abusive language or words
14. Plagiarism is an offence punishable by law. Always cite your source of information.
15. Keep your personal belongings safe as the Academy will not be held liable for any loss or damage to valuables and properties belonging to Staff Students.